When you are looking for a GPS tracker it is useful to know how a GPS tracker works exactly and what the different are between the versions. We have therefore briefly and concisely described below some characteristics so that you can make a better purchase. Firstly, it is important to know that all GPS systems have a GPS module like a car navigation system has. In a garage or house, therefore, no position can be determined, because no connection with the satellites can be made.

Real-time trackers or passive GPS data loggers

When you want to buy a GPS tracking system, it is important to determine how you want to use this system. Is it necessary for you to see real-time (directly) the locations or is it good if this can be viewed afterwards when you have the GPS tracker in your possession again. The advantages of the real-time systems are of course that you can request the location immediately at any time. The GPS systems that remember the locations are, on the other hand, much cheaper to use and can store the positions at a shorter interval, enabling you to view a more precise route afterwards. Real-time GPS tracking systems can be divided into SMS tracking systems and Internet tracking systems. The difference lies in the fact how the locations are forwarded. With the SMS trackers this goes as the name suggests via an SMS message and with internet tracking systems the positions are transmitted via a 3G / GPRS connection.


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veel auto diefstal?

Met een goed, door vakmensen ingebouwd beveiligingssysteem kunnen autobezitters het risico op diefstal van hun vervoermiddel met bijna 75 procent verkleinen.