fleet management

We work together with partners to monitor vehicles, but also efficiency and quality control. We would like to discuss with you what we can do for your fleet. We offer ’turn-key’ solutions for companies with one or more vehicles.

Always insight into your complete fleet

This can be done, for example, after a certain number of kilometers or a number of operating hours to be indicated by you. You also know how many kilometers your employees cover per day, week or month.
Not only the odometer readings are clear, you also have the possibility to gain insight into all the rides driven by means of the trip registration.

Knowing is saving money

By understanding your vehicle fleet, you create substantial financial savings on fuel and car costs, among other things, and you can use your fleet more efficiently. Do you want to know how many active hours the cars in your fleet make? You know that with E-Track.

veel auto diefstal?

Met een goed, door vakmensen ingebouwd beveiligingssysteem kunnen autobezitters het risico op diefstal van hun vervoermiddel met bijna 75 procent verkleinen.